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Hi !

There is a beatifull plugin called quests on bukkit. It allow to create quest (you don’t say !) and manage it. Earn xp, money or other gift when you complet the quest. Can someone tell me if it’s possible to do a plugin similar on sponge ?

Thank you !


Looking forward to a plugin like this. Kudos to whoever will be taking up this plugin project :smiley:

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Similarly, this could be a great addition to the Sponge Plugins. Certainly would give more depth to Minecraft gameplay. Bump!

I am going to start work on this plugin


Oh goddamn, really thank ! ^^

Can you post the bukkit plugin

They merge on spigot ^^

You can download at the top, download from external site.
We are on 1.8.9 version on minecraft ^^

goodness, praise be

After looking at the spigot quest plugin code which was very complex i might add I have decided to start form scratch when making this plugin so just as a notification wont have as much as the spigot plugin initially

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Not sure if the spigot quest plugin has this but one thing I want to see for the sponge one is the feature to check your inventory for items. For example the quest is to gather seeds, when you want to turn in the seeds for the quest completion, it checks if you have x amount of seeds in your inventory. If requirements are met, the seeds will be taken away from you and you will get rewarded. (Would be nice to have support for Pixelmon too)

Also a way to view quest details by a clicking a sign would be a great addition to this.

if you want i have a when i get the initial plugin build you can add them to the GitHub repo and ill look into it

Hope to have GitHub repo setup to day

That’s just how it goes when you start a project. Personally, better to try to create something of your own rather than copy off from what has been done before. I am sure that you will find innovative ways of tackling this idea.

I am currently postponing the making of this plugin while work on AE2 port to 1.10.2