Plugin Repository - A maven approach

One idea, not sure how well this would work, would be to have plugin submissions uploaded with a file allowing for a repository deployment. This would let other developers easily hook into plugins such as Factions which never had a maven repository making relying on the plugin more difficult than it should have been. Instead of a file there could just be a group-id, artifact-id and version tag in the upload forum that would allow the file to be archived properly. Anyone see any problem with this or have any feedback?


Huh. I really like this idea. Or we could just have a maven repository for plugins where they could optionally upload themselves, or an API jar, and that way everything could be in one place. :smile:

Also, while on the topic of repositories, what are we going to do about dependencies? If we have a central repository, then we could possibly output a link to console if the server doesn’t have the plugin (As I’ve seen that we don’t really want to do automatic downloads and such.)

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As someone who casually used maven and wrote very simple plugins, I think this is a phenomenal idea. I love automating dependencies.

Did I use those words correctly?