[Plugin Request] Custom Whitelist Message

What about customize the “You are not whitelisted on this server” message?
E.g. you have an server where people has to sign up to your website before getting whitelisted.
Much griefing and troll kids will not do the “work” to register.

Changing it to for example “Register on www.test.com to get whitelisted on this server.” would be great!


I’m looking around for something like this myself, hoping to find something before I have to go bug my dev again ^^ (we just made a cross server chat mod for forge so I don’t wanna bug him again)

If anyone has any suggestions for this it would be appreciated.


i got a way to do that, disable the whitelist, and connect the plugin to the database, then,when the player try to log in,check if his username is in the database, if not, kick him