[PLUGIN REQUEST] - Plugin/API for custom AI

A server admin working on two servers; on heavy RPG server designed for adventure mod, the other a “Diablo-esque” Vanilla server showcasing the power of Sponge!

Work Needed
Looking for an API/plugin to be made that will allow for easy creation of custom AI for mobs.
I am attempting to help turn Brawlator into a community Sponge version of CustomNPCs more or less; but need some form of plugin/API to manage entity ai.

Must interface with https://github.com/OnapleRPG/Brawlator
Changes to Brawlator can be made to allow for implementation of the AI fairly easily as needed and dev is easy to work with; there is already a “Third-Parties” option that allows for two way communication of data to the mobs.

Honestly i have no idea how much plugins cost; but open to work with the dev as i am sure this is involved.

Once a price is agreed upon i would give half of estimated costs upfront; the other half upon completion of the plugin/API.

The plugin must also be released on Ore and Github, and be opensourced. I want the community to be able to use this.

Contact via discord: