Plugin Tags/Labels

Hey, whilst developing Bukkit plugins, I found myself wanting to make a plugin that can do more advanced plugin profiling, filtering, and so forth. Although it has gone well, I feel like it’s lacking in a minor aspect that can’t quite be covered by plugins other than my own, or at least easily. This would be a collection of plugin tags/labels. By this I mean tags/labels that define what categories the plugin fit into (library, mechanic overhaul, +mechanics, -mechanics, handler, extra, administrative, tools etc).

Now, yes this is a minor aspect, but I personally though that by having this it would help server administrators/operators with plugin profiling/management and make way for plugins that could make decisions based on different plugin tags/labels.

They could be set in the configuration file embedded into the resource or hard-coded.

Just something I thought would be very useful for some of us, any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated :smile:

I’m somewhat certain that there will be if they replicate to any extent what DevBukkit did with their plugin pages. Unless I’m misunderstanding the point here XD In my opinion, tag based categorization of plugins is quite important to those sorts of repos. On top of that, maybe sub-categories would be nice, i.e. Library > Economy or Library > Permissions, etc, just so that you don’t have to sift through as many irrelevant plugins in your search. Also quite like Discourse is setup with tags and sub-tags.

Would also be nice to have a sort of user rating / approval system so if admins are installing new plugins they’ve never used before, they can know before hand if it’s decent to use (rather than reading through comments and likely only seeing bug reports)

I’m confused. What would a label of “This plugin provides tools for administrators” have to do with profiling?

Different sort of profiling I think. I’m assuming he means by sorting and searching, not the timings profiling sort.

Or if he does mean the timing sort, then he probably means his plugin has that as a side function, not necessarily to compliment tags.

In the sense that I could get a collection of say strings/enumeration that represent plugin “categories”- library, tools etc.

But what does that have to do with profiling?

Apologies, I didn’t mean it in a programmatical sense but more of a logical sense of building a profile on something.