PokeTeams - Teams plugin with Pixelmon Reforged Support


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I think this plugin can be really interesting with the queue system ! Do you have a command to force a player to enter in a team ? (without request)


I am just adding in a command to force players into a team [/teams admin set (player) (team)] and I plan to implement a queue battle system very soon. Will most likely have that for tomorrow


Nice man, thank’s for your work.
Do you think develop a plugin with just a battle queue system and a ranked system can be a good idea ( with elo rank and rewards when you reach a point) ?


Well that’d be a lot for the pixelmon plugin. I have made others in the past that have ranks and tiers per rank but that would somewhat interfere with the ranks the teams plugin already provides. I can definitely make some after win/loss commands though so you can combine this with other plugins


I think win/loss commands can be a good idea, maybe to " take " something to someone who lose for example.


Hi. First thanks for your work it’s really good! And after do you think you can make an option in the config to count just battle in the queue for the ratio win / loose?


Do you mean as an addition to the preexisting config option to only count team battles?


Yea, just add a config option to only count queue battle


How do I add the teams prefix in chat? I’m using Nucleus but I’m not sure if I need to add a placeholder in the config or something.


You will need PlaceholderAPI installed but all you need to do is use my placeholders. For the team name in specific use %team_name%. If you’d like any of the other tags, check out the ore page linked at the top of this page =)


Might be cool if owners could pre-make teams and have npcs lead them. with console/admin commands like /teams

or something to force a player into a team. (Some servers have admin made teams on their servers that players join and this would be a pretty cool idea) ie. Rocket, Galactic, Plasma, Etc. but not allow players to create their own teams.


Coming with the next update actually


Do you know if the mod workswith the new api of pixelmon 7.0.0 or we will need to wait an update?


needs an update. he is going to update soon, no worries.


Added 7.0 with version 3.0.0 at https://ore.spongepowered.org/thesilentecho/PokeTeams/versions/3.0.0.

It adds a lot so make sure to read changelog as a lot of it is game changing


see you allowed setting teams of players but im assuming thats for teams already created. You’d still need the ability to create a fake team and have a fake player be the leader of it or something is my guess. (so like a placeholder team leader npc)


Didnt add command but currently you can create a team in the config or make a team with the regular command and remove yourself from the owner slot. You can then just add people with the new admin invite command


Hey, add colored tags! :3 i love this plugin


Can definitely add that ability in the future.