Poll: Is Husk a joke?

This thread were created, before Husk developers joined the forum:

I want only see your opinions.
Please discuss Husk here: click me

Is Husk a joke?

  • Yes, Husk is a joke

  • No, Husk is real

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Currently I think it is more a joke. Why?

  • There are no solid facts (No Code, no downloads, nothing)
  • There is a webpage with only static content
  • I saw a posting, that someone has written that Husk is real, but no citations to facts -> nothing.

At all, there is just a simple website with static content. No additional informations, only rumors about payed developers and so on. No facts. Nothing.

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Please discuss that in the Sponge vs Husk thread:

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I would prefer to not see any more defamatory posts about a separate API. Whether it’s a “joke” or “real” is insulting to the people working on it. Let them do what they want. If you want to mock it, do so in private. We no longer think this should be tolerated on our forums. Thank you. Thread locked.