Porting over my Anti-ForceField

Alright I am thinking about porting over my Anti-forcefield plugin that I made with bukkit… Do you guys think I should do it?

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Do you think people will use it?
Yes: Do it
No: Do it anyway to learn

I’m still confused on this API a little though. Why are you guys using forge wouldn’t that just create an extra dependency for someone wanting to connect to a server? Can you link me to a place to learn more about how this plugin works and why to use it over other API’s I really am interested in porting as I see people are putting a lot of faith in this project. Thanks!

No one is going to be able to answer your question without information on the plugin.


Basically you don’t have to worry about forge being a dependency of sponge. For making plugins it doesn’t make a difference.

sk89q has made a small example plugin (warning it can be a bit outdated):