Possible Sponge Issues?

I just want to ask about two things whether you think they are issues to post in GitHub or not:

  1. If you (stupidly) disable the nether in the server.properties and teleport you via sponge-plugin to the nether OR another custom world, you’ll end up beeing stuck in an empty world, that is not going to generate.

  2. I am not shure how those custom-world-names are beeing handled but i think you should at least be able to get the name how other mods see the world. I mean: I tried to tell dynmap-forge the name of a custom world through my plugin, and i realized that my plugin says the world is named “farm” but dynmap says it is named “DIM2”.

I hope my words make sense ^^


He’s capable of opening an issue himself, he just wanted to know if his concerns had merit…


Ok, got that.
I posted an Issue about Nr 1 here.

But because of issue Nr 2:
Is this a Sponge or a Spone API issue? ^^

Depends. If you set the name via the API, then it’s a Sponge issue. If there is no such method in the API, then it’s an API issue.

Jeah i know that, but i dont know if worldbuilder.name("test") should also change the name how the dynmap (and other not-sponge-mods) sees the world > Sponge Issue
or if there should be a secound method like: world.getDimensionName() that returns “DIM2” (the name that the dynmap sees as world-name) > Sponge API Issue

I’d say Sponge issue, but that’s just my gut…

But dynmap-forge, meaby its a forge issue. So far I know forge gives all dimensions the name DIM<id>.

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I did a quick search for “dynmap forge”, found a github repo, browsed the source and found this.

So its either a dynmap issue, or me, failing the config? :smiley:
I’ll take a look ^^

Its not really an issue. Dynmap just didn’t split the actual name and folder name apard, so its using the folder name as world name :neutral_face:. Dynmap yu not OO?

Wait, but the world folder is actually correct. Its “test” instead of “DIM2” ^^

What has that got to do with being OO?

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(Not to mention, I’m pretty sure that at least some parts of DynMap are OO)

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