Possible work on a way to run Sponge with out forge

I am working on a program for programs that use minecraft as a library by change one part of code in my loader and it could let sponge run on the minecraft jar with out touching it’s code.

I am going to be working on an unofficial port of Sponge to it after I finish my loader. What’s your ideas on a system like this. Sponge can base edit the same way it does now using transformers and even still use it a mixin sysyem.

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This sounds like its going to be more trouble than its worth. Best of luck though


Thanks for the reply I know it will be a bit hard but I am making the loader work like the Minecraft launcher in the way it loads the Transformers. I plan on make it support a run time Deobfuscation system.

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Why would you want to run Sponge without Forge? Sponge is a Forge mod(ish). Do not fix it when it isn’t broke.

I’m part of a project called Powered Rails, which is a clean-swept Minecraft servers that supports Sponge plugins. Glowstone will support them too, I believe.

Sponge is an api I am working on a normal server implementation of it. That does not violate and terms.