Possibly Looking for Assistance for a set of Harry Potter Plugins


I’m the owner of a server for Harry Potter, and we are currently working on designing the basics for a set of plugins for Harry Potter related functions. This plugin will be programmed in Sponge after the API is released, and will hopefully(Assuming all goes well for all parties involved) Have most of them deployed privately in the harry potter server by March 1st. Knowing how everything goes, that’s just the date we plan on, there is always possibility for delays.

We already have 3 committed plugin developers, and if there was someone interested, we would be willing to have someone who thinks they can help and has an interest in harry potter join up.

Of course, I’m sure everyone here might have other things to do, and I’m only interested in someone who is committed and wants to help and has an interest and knowledge of harry potter functions. I just thought to put this out there if there happened to be someone looking to help. We hope to start doing code in December, around Christmas, because that is when most of us have the time off to begin with (ie. I have a week off from work and the others are off from school).

If you are interested message me here or join out teamspeak knockturn.enjinvoice.com.

I’m not going to promise you anything you don’t earn. This isn’t a program for me for money, or for a rank, or anything. If you earn a rank in the server as pluginDev or anything else, thats great, but I’m not going to tell you that you will instantly get the job or anything. I repeat my earlier sentiment, I am only looking for people who are serious about committing to a project and love harry potter. Anyone else is welcome to talk to me, but if they are not committed / have no interested in harry potter, they will most likely only distract those who are currently working on the plugin.

Thanks for your time.

tl;dr Server Owner Looks for possible committed addition to Private Harry Potter Plugins coding team.

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I’m not the sort to commit to another’s projects, but as a developer, I can say it may help if you listed some ideas for what you wanted some of the plugins to do. May help devs decide what they’ll be in for if they’re inclined to join, and allow them to gauge how appropriate they are for the tasks. Good luck!

This feels like a startup. But if their is some assistance needed I could give some input.

Private :frowning:. I don’t like private plugins, and you advertise your server more if you share plugins. Just add: Bringed to you from minecraftserver.com. Best example of a plugin that does this is factions.

Also with your plugin not being private, your players could contribute some addons to your plugins. So double profit :smiley:.

I will help, by the way I’m new so I won’t be ‘The best’ help, but I will help where I can with Java.

Unfortunately one of the developers doesn’t believe in a public plugin. Perhaps in the future we might decide to make it public, but that won’t happen for awhile and it will possibly only be if we have something that can work with little to no dependencies since different servers will want to use different plugins. I make no promises of publicity and until that point it will be private.

Thats fine. Do you have teamspeak ? How would we keep in contact with you?