PowerSink - Plugin that allows players to sell and buy energy

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Sponge API 7.3.x Plugin that allows players to pay for energy, or earn money selling energy.

Currently supported energy backends:

  • Forge Energy
  • Mekanism
  • Immersive Engineering

While these are the only explicitly supported Energy Capabilities, try the plugin and see if it works for your preferred energy mod. Since Forge Energy is the common energy type between many mods, odds are that it will work! If it doesn’t work, tell me about it and I’ll look into adding support. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Current implementation borrows from PowerMoney’s MoneyCalculator.


  • Sink: block to which energy is added
  • Source: block from which energy is removed
  • Node: block that is either a Sink or Source


To register a Sink, punch an energy storage block with a piece of glowstone dust.

To register a Source, punch an energy storage block with a piece of redstone.

To remove a Node, punch it with a block of bedrock.

Those items are configurable in config/powersink/powersink.conf:

activationItems {


  • /powersink or /ps: lists sub commands
  • /ps list <player>: lists energy nodes for <player> or self
    • if used with minecraft.commands.tp, a TextAction will be generated to allow teleportation to nodes
    • if used with powersink.remove.[self|other], a TextAction will be generated to allow removal of nodes from PowerSink

General configuration values

powersink {
    currency=dollar #change this to match your economy's currency 
    tickInterval=2 #how often should PowerSink interact with Nodes?


  • powersink.setup register Sinks and Sources
  • powersink.setup.sink register Sinks
  • powersink.setup.source register Sources
  • powersink.list list Nodes for self or others
  • powersink.list.self list Nodes for self
  • powersink.list.other list Nodes for others
  • powersink.remove remove Nodes for self or others
  • powersink.remove.self remove Nodes for self
  • powersink.remove.other remove Nodes for others

powersink.limit.[admin|player|vip|*] is special

In config/powersink/powersink.conf, there is a block that looks like this:

  # Group limits on sources and sinks.

You can define limit groups here, and assign that group to players. Suppose you create a group named vip, to give that limit to players, assign the powersink.limit.vip permission.
Limit groups are evaluated in the order they are defined within the limit list in the config. Be conscious of this when assigning multiple limit groups to players.

A new version has been released for PowerSink, it is available for download here.

Add Immersive Engineering IF compatability

Add better logging when creating and deleting EnergyNodes