Precogs - An AntiCheat service and API built for Sponge

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An AntiCheat service and API built for Sponge.


  • Extensible system for plugins to disable detections temporarily.
  • Ability for plugins to log and retrieve user violation level.


  • [Java] 8
  • Sponge


Note: If you do not have [Gradle] installed then use ./gradlew for Unix systems or Git Bash and gradlew.bat for Windows systems in place of any ‘gradle’ command.

In order to build Precogs you simply need to run the gradle build command. You can find the compiled JAR file in ./build/libs labeled similarly
to ‘Precogs-x.x-SNAPSHOT.jar’.

Plugins using Precogs

  • Guardian

Have a plugin using Precogs? Contact me and I’ll add it.


Thou hast slain the loathsome beast.

At least I thinketh so. Not much listed under “Features”.

I plan on adding some usage guides soonish, but there aren’t many features at the moment as there aren’t many AntiCheat plugins to base usage off.

Does this plugin provide Anti-Cheat protection on it’s own?


This is an API for developers to interface with AntiCheat plugins. Currently only Guardian implements it, however I’m working with other AntiCheat devs to get it implemented.

Basically this means if a plugin throws a player into the air, it can use this to temporarily allow the action with all AntiCheat plugins rather than having to interface with each one separately.

Think of it as a VaultAPI for AntiCheat.

… oh.


Ok. Thanks. I suppose Guardian is to be found here in the forums.

Where can I find guardian? Can’t find it anywhere…

It’s not currently at a public release stage.

Dev builds are at, and the source is at

A new version has been released for Precogs, it is available for download here.

Service-based API for AntiCheat plugins.

  • Fixed a few issues with mutability.