Precompiled Sponge

Sorry for this stupid question, but I want do download Sponge. I can’t find a compiled Version. Isn’t there an compiled version? Do I have to compile it myself?


Sponge is not ready for download or use currently. You would have to compile it youeself from the official repo: GitHub - SpongePowered/Sponge: The SpongeAPI implementation targeting vanilla Minecraft and 3rd party platforms.

Keep checking back here on the forums for announcements and updates about Sponge.

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You have to compile it yourself, since the project isn’t officially done, but compiling Sponge is easy. If you have Git, just clone the repo to your machine. If not, download the master branch as a zip, extract it and put it somewhere. As long as you have a properly installed JDK (I had forgotten to put my JDK into my Windows path) you can simply run a file and Gradle will do its magic. The outputted jar and its accompanying source and javadocs will end up in “/build/libs”.

If possible I would recommend you clone with Git; when more commits are rolled out to the project, instead of re-downloading, extracting, and replacing the entire project, you can just pull from the remote repo and Git will handle the changes for you.



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