PrisonUtils - Provides utilities and buffs for servers

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A port of PrisonUtils from Bukkit.

It does not currently have all features and does not need to be used on a Prison server.

Implemented Features

Auto-Smelting | Automatically smelts smelt-able items like Iron Ore
Dropped Items go to Inventory | Items go straight to inventory instead of dropping
Prevent Damage from specific Causes | Able to prevent damage from things like Suffocation and Falling
Permanent Effects | Able to apply permanent potion affects to all members of the server
Unbreakable Pickaxes | Prevents Pickaxes from taking durability damage
Lore on Pickaxe | Able to show Owner, Durability and Block Count on Pickaxe

A new version has been released for PrisonUtils, it is available for download here.

No description given.

Can you add in function for shovel and axe as well! Thankyou!

Next version will add Axes and Shovels, each with their own config option

Hi I’m a bit confused on how to get features like auto-smelt to work. And if it’s possible to make them only work for specific items/players?