Problem with particles's distance

Hi, for multiple reason in my test server, i’m sending some particles to a player (me),
but these particles are only visible if i’m very near (probably < 1 bloc of distance).
They are not even visible near my head, only near my feet (player’s distance is calculated with feet’s position)

I’m using player.spawnParticles(myParticle, myVector3d)
equivalent to player.spawnParticles(myParticle, myVector3d, Integer.MAX_VALUE) (max distance)

Maybe a SpongeForge’s bug or i’m doing something wrong ?

It depends on the particle type you do - each particle has some intrinsic characteristics that cant be altered, some particles will spawn and fall straight down no matter what motion is given, some will remain stationary no matter what motion is given to them, some of them will spawn a little below the location and move up or down, and some will spawn quite above the location (portal particles for example) … I find that flame, redstone, firework trails and water/lava drops make for near good pinpoint-accurate placements to see things, many others for feet-level location may be spawning in the blocks

i’m using redstone particles :confused:
They are without motion exactly at the location I want.
I think it’s just a bug because i’m doing exaclty what i was doing in a personnal bukkit plugin.
(And the probleme is just the view distance)

So it seems indeed, for Player.spawnParticles() is just doing the actual origin but, here’s a quick test I just did:

And the result shows that without the interger parameter, the Extent-spawn shows up-to-the 30th block as expected, and with an integer of 6 up to the 5th block as expected,
The player-spawn shows indeed up-to-6 blocks distance with the interger of 6, BUT shows nothing other than origin without the integer specified.

It doesn’t work for me :confused:
I tried to display the borders of my worldedit’s selection.
Here is the result :

What is the code you used for showing the particles - and how are you triggering them – a scheduled event every n milliseconds until cancelled, etc?
Which sponge jar are you using, and does the forge server version match the number for the sponge?

As my test shows - the player-spawn particles does NOT seem to be working right for the version without the integer provided - meaning its possible that they didn’t define the default distance in that function. With an integer provided, it will show.
I was going to check through the Github a bit later, and file a ticket on this if its the case on the current latest-existing state

Code : and
Version : SpongeForge v? (cloned from github) / Forge v11.14.3.1521

Using a integer in the code solved the problem for me.
But the method without integer should work :confused:
So even if my problem is solved I keep this topic open

Tested in the lastest combination of spongeforge and api, and expanded on testing.
Particles up to but not including 1 block away are visitble (diagonally 0.7 away is 0.96 distance, visible; 1.0 away not visible)
Posted issue on Github Player.spawnParticles() with no integer parameter results in no particles equalto or greater than 1.0 distance away · Issue #386 · SpongePowered/SpongeForge · GitHub

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