Problems with spongeforge

Hi, i tried to open a server Pixelmon with Spongeforge, the server goes on but when i try to enter, the server crash instant. How can i start the server without crash? And how can i load plugins? I just need to put the plugins in the mods folder instead of the plugins folder?

There are the logs file:


Crash report:

Thanks you all!

Hi, your Sponge version is too new for your forge version

Forge version: 2739
Sponge Forge minimum version: 2838
Sponge API version: 7.2.0

You either need to upgrade your forge to version 2838 (or newer) or downgrade your Sponge version (not recommeneded as the newer versions of sponge have a lot of bug fixes) to one that has a supported forge version of 2739.

As for plugins, they go into your mods folder, unless you change the specified folder

There is a lovely guide you should read on the offical docs