Project borders how to install?

I feel kinda stupid asking this but how exactly do i download the plugin? I can’t seem to figure it out. I am not good with this kind of stuff so sorry in advance, any help would be aprecciated.

It seems the developer has tried to hide it. Typically the github page will have a jar file for downloading. Or at least a link to Jenkins to download the build.

The issue is it does not say what version is supported of the build (at least i think its the plugin version that is displayed). However i was able to find it.

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I really have a lot to thank you for. Is it the best world border plugin out there though? Just wondering

Tbh. Your asking the wrong person. I don’t use plugins, i just develop them.

I also have a tendency to just have a pro conn list when someone ask me “what is the best” or something similar. Sadly I don’t know enough about world border plugins to give you that