Promote your server


I’ve looked far and wide for a discord server that allows strictly the promotion of minecraft servers, as well as some sites that offer it. After not being able to find one I’ve decided to make one of my own, as well as start to work on making a server listing website so others can promote their server using votify. Below are the links to the discord, as well as the website that I will be using in hopes to help others promote their server!

On top of all that I’m making them mainly SpongePowered focused, as I love this and want to help promote it any way I can. I really enjoy the community, and I’d like to attempt to make it a better place and with that I figured having a place to promote would be awesome :slight_smile:




I have the website fully up, and there’s a tab specifically for SpongePowered. This way people will be able to find SpongePowered servers extremely easily :smiley: