Put Items to TileEntity

I use PUBGMC mod
And I need to put items to Tile Entity

I decompiled and deobfuscate PUBGMC mod for better understanding
I only used the decompiler for better understanding
If you use the decompiler for other purposes and upload to public, I disclaim liability

public class TileEntityPlayerCrate
extends TileEntity
implements IInventory

How I can put items to TileEntityPlayerCrate IInventory in Sponge
How acces IInventory in Sponge or alternative?

Not 100% sure. But i believe its to do with how inventories work in minecraft. You see, the default inventory code in minecraft sucks. It sucks so much that forge mods normally design there own code to handle inventories.

Sponge hook into the default minecraft inventories, however due to the fact that all mod inventories are written completely differently, its difficult to hook into those inventories, resulting in sponge to hope that the mod knows about sponges presents and hooks into it to provide a sponge inventory interface.

Because you are using a sponge inventory interface to manipulate that inventory, this message will pop up. Your options on getting around this issue would be to make a bridge between the mod and sponge. Or to convert the TileEntity into the mods TileEntity and then manipulate the mods interface for the inventory.

How convert?
Can you give example?
Or how I can make bridge?

Depends on the mod. All i can say is you will need to use sponge common, forge and the mod to gain those classes. From there you should be able to convert sponge TileEntity to a minecraft tileentity with a simple cast. From there your on your own.

It could be as simple as using the mods main class and then finding a function along the lines of getTileEntity(BlockPos pos); or getInventory(BlockPos) but like I said, depends on the mod