Questions about SpongeVanilla?

Sponge Vanilla Questions:

  • Is it the equivalent to bukkit in the sense that its (a standalone version that doesn’t require forge, for example to run)?
  • Is it able to run the same plugins that Sponge is?
  • Are plugins made with the same SpongeAPI?
  • Where can I download the jar?

Yes (Don’t confuse this answer with thinking it can handle Bukkit plugins.)

I’m aware this isn’t bukkit, has different code, and won’t run bukkit plugins. Also thanks for the reply.

Mainly through that in there for others that may read this thread in the future to save on headaches.

I think they would benefit from a download portal area to simplify things. No kid wants to mess with maven just to get a server jar. Simple is best IMO.

SpongeVanilla will get alpha builds soon. Then you’ll be able to install it just like SpongeForge. For now the only option is to compile it yourself or wait for the alpha builds to get available, though.

Or 3rd option: go with SpongeForge and just don’t install forge mods, it will allow Vanilla clients to connect and will behave the same as SpongeVanilla.

I plan to do that. SpongeVanilla doesn’t seem to run very well on my OS X server anyway (maybe in the future it will run better)

But as I can use the same plugins and configurations, it shouldn’t be a big hassle to switch down the road to SpongeVanilla.

That’s the intention behind having the Vanilla and Forge options :smile:

Switching is possible as long as you stay away from forge mods (which you’ll do).
Plugins and configurations remain the same for both implementations, just copy them and your migration from SpongeForge to SpongeVanilla should be done.

I’d refer to SpongeForge as Cauldron successor and SpongeVanilla as Bukkit alternative.
Sponge won’t run Bukkit plugins though, but there’s an experimental plugins available to run them indirectly (Pore).


Sponge with Forge is effectively the same as SpongeVanilla

I still prefer having an independent server jar rather than running a mod through Forge. Less confusing to setup via ssh also.

But as I stated above, I will use both. For now Sponge will have to do.

How so? You still end up starting one jar

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The CLI that Sponge offers is underused, in my opinion. It’s discouraged because we want people to understand the underlying components of the server (eg, not every problem you’ll have while running Sponge is an issue with Sponge).

However, if you’re running a server, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with downloading just the Sponge build, and running from the CLI: java -jar sponge.jar go

This will download and install all the required Forge components and then launch the server. This command can be used on subsequent runs as well.