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I am running a fairly new but big server. I am not new to running servers, but I am new to running a server that has grown a world size of 45Gbs in under 2 months.
I believe it has to do with just being new to modpacks and not realizing they grow that fast.
We are trying to find new ways to combat the issue of the world saving taking forever. Load time also is an extra 15 seconds on boot up (use to take about 25 seconds).
We believe this is also causing some inventory issues that are rolling back players inventories because the server can’t handle the constant amount of people traveling insane distances.

We are against creating a world boarder. We have allowed our server to expand at the players will, like Minecraft intended.
We hope this isn’t a bad option, but we will deal with that as it grows.

So anyway, RAMDISK. Not familar with it really, and the dedicated server is a step already. Would setting up a RAMDISK to hold our server (we are upgrading to 128Gigs of ram soon if we go this route), and will be allocating 80Gigs for just world saving.

Is this a good option to pursue, or are their better options to look at.

Current OS: CentOS
Intel i7-4790K 32 GB DDR3 1333 MHz 2 x 240 GB SSD
Going to:
OS: CentOS
Intel Xeon E5
E5-1620v2 128 GB of RAM DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz 2 x480GB SSD

I doubt you’d see any difference in performance. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not worth it

I was going to recommend getting an SSD but you mention it’s already got one.
You could try using a java profiler to see where there are potential bottlenecks and perhaps report back if something is hogging resources.

We have a timings but its legit just time spent on saving the world is a lot.

I mean, how quickly do you expect something to save and load 45GB of data?

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Just looking for suggestions to do it…faster?

I have to admit, 45GB is one hell of a big map. A few players and I have spent two months roaming extremely wild on a 1.7.10 LOTR server, and the map is only just pushing 3GB, and it’s well over 80,000 blocks across.

It might be worth running some form of map renderer and see what the map looks like. Many years ago, a popular stunt for griefers was to keep expanding the map in one direction, so you might find that it could use trimming (if MCEdit can even load a map that size…)

Also, it shouldn’t preload the entire map, just the spawn and areas players are active. I’m not sure if saving is that clever, but it should only be saving altered chunks. If there is some form of chunk-loader mod or plugin being used, that may be the issue.

Some details of the mods/plugins and Sponge/Forge/Java versions you are using might help reveal the core of your problems.

Ya, I don’t think we have any form of chunk loader, so I’m really not sure why it’s so big either.
My plugins, http://puu.sh/sctEl/c5947db947.png
Sponge forge, http://puu.sh/sctFG/2d0a1a2854.png
and a timings report: Aikar's Timings Viewer

Please help me find my problem xD

It looks like Pixelmon’s PokeBallManager and ComputerManager are both having a heavy hit on TPS when saving. Add that to the ever-present entity tick and it’s close to maxxed out already, and then there’s “Mod Events” (whatever they are) that seem to chew up quite a big slice of CPU whenever they happen.

Someone more familiar with Pixelmon might be able to suggest some optimisations. All I have to offer is try messing with entity-activation ranges to cut down the entity tick a little.