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I don’t get the point of having server ads on a forum intended for owners


I was thinking about mods like Thermal Expansion and then I realized…
Back in September 2013 Feed the Beast held an Invitational Charity Event in order to raise $10,000 for Child’s play charity.
However, one of the donation incentives was that if the goal was met, that King Lemming would update Thermal Expansion for 1.7.2 and if the goal wasn’t met than he would wait until 1.8 to release his mod… Now think about this, if the $10,000 goal was never met, then Thermal Expansion for 1.7.10 would have never existed and that, we would still be waiting for it’s official release…

Spoopy stuff ^^^ :cold_sweat:

The ‘Ask a stupid question, Get a dumb answer’ is strangely obsessed with replying an answer related to death every time I post a stupid question. Does someone have a grudge on me or something? Or are my questions not stupid enough?

not stupid enough, also death is the easiest thing to respond with.

I kinda wish there was a dislike button for when a flag is overkill but a post still needs to be knocked from the planes of existence.


If you weighed 99 pounds and ate 1 pound of potato, you would be 1% potato.

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Nope. Not necessarily. What if I consisted of 3% potato in the first place? xD It’s at least 1% potato.

Also not for long. You would get what your body can use from teh potato and then get rid of the rest.

Worst programming language ever.

Nah, java is worse than that


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After counting, the current Bukkit forum’s have more advertisement’s per page than ThePirateBay does…

Did you count by visible ad image or by viewing the html and counting links/scripts/etc.?

I use a custom html, link and script detecting plugin that I’ve created for chrome, however is doesn’t block the ad’s, that’s what ad block is for. After seeing if there are any link’s or script’s that ad block does not detect with my custom plugin I will add those manually.

Another thing that I’ve found in their html code is a surprising amount of ‘trackers’, more than likely being Google adsense, which wouldn’t make sense due to Bukkit now being fully funded by the Curse Network…

More test’s are needed…

weirdest full name ever

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And that is why I use Firefox. No ads. At all, ever. Tor too.

Today is my birthday :smiley:

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Happy Birthday to you, I give you… An optional domain @thedoctorslife.com until June when it expires. Feel free to send me a PM on what you want.

Well then, happy birthday :smiley:

Thanks guys :smiley:

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