Rankup Plugin With LuckPerms Support

So as everyone begins converting over to Luckperms and stepping away from pex; the current rankup plugins become broken; and the updates don’t seem to be coming. If anyone has time or a build of a current one that does work with Luckperms please help those of us that don’t have your skills. lol. I just need something that will rankup a player after a configurable time played on the server that actually works with lp.

When testing with current rankup plugins most dont take into account that players can be apart of multiple groups… idk if anyone has any ideas please help.

Well, if you typed what you wanted in a nice, easy to read list, that would be absolutely perfect. I might make a rankup plugin for LuckPerms, granted that it has a system allowing that easily.

like it can be pretty simple; just a rankup plugin that works with luckperms and can rank a player up based on time played on the server.
example: (changed config of rankupper)

default {     ##rank they have to be in for commands to be executed
        "perm user {player} switchprimarygroup member",
        "perm user {player} parent remove default"
    message-broadcast="&8» &a{player} &6has ranked up to &eBasic Trainer&6 of the server."
    minutes-needed=60 ##time they need to play

anyone have an idea for a rankup plugin that works with luckperms correctly? really needing this for my server. none of the current plugins work.

has anyone found a way to make rankupper work correctly with luckperms or created a new plugin to do this yet?

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What’s wrong with PEX?

nothing is ‘wrong’ with pex. I just prefer to use luckperms. everyone has their preferences.

I’d suggest that if you want this done anytime soon that you commission it out from someone. nudgenudge I’d love to but I’ve got a lot of personal Sponge plugins queued up.