Read the Java Docs! :)

Before you go on the IRC and ask how to do everything (like I did until someone scolded me :blush: ), check out the SpongeAPI’s Java Docs here. It’ll explain a lot like how to do everything. For some syntax stuff, feel free to ask in the IRC, but make sure you look through there first :smile:


… i scolded you?
i wasn’t even referencing you when i said people might not straight away jump to the jdocs ;=;

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This is a common problem developers face. We even came up with a term for it, RTFM.

Read The Fucking Manual?
I am kinda against manuals. If a method needs a description, its name has been chosen wrongly. But ofc it can be helpfully :smile:.

Less scold more direct me in the right direction :slight_smile:
Anyway it was some other people in the irc. :slight_smile: