Reading and Writing from flat storage

I realize that this is probably a stupid question, but how do you read and write from file based storage inside a sponge plugin (ex. User configured files, .yml from bukkit, etc. ). I’m currently working on a plugin where this is necessary and can not find information regarding this in the spongedocs.


The only support that we really have for this is the Configurate docs. Anything else really falls under basic Java knowledge. I could suggest reading the Oracle tutorials?

So would the configuration files supported through sponge be equivalent to how bukkit supported config files? (Along with the ability to modify values that could be read by the plugin?)

Sorry, fairly new to plugin creation. :wink:

Configurate supports a fair number of formats, including Yaml (which is what Bukkit used).

The core and Hocon support are included within the API if you use Maven/Gradle or some other build system. Anything else, you’d have to add a dependency for it.