Recommended Server Plugins for SPONGE

To the point,
Was hoping someone who has proper knowledge of the sponge server way of hosting could list me out 10 or more plugins i need or should have installed onto my server.

I have a few plugins i have already configured but theres a few i cant find or get good version off.

(((—Plugins i need:—)))
— A form of land protection for players to protect there lands per chunk or selection.
— Border control
— A form of world Guard.
— Further chest protection plugin

(((—Plugins i have:—)))
— CatClearLag:
— MMCReboot:
— PermissionsEx
— WorldEdit:
— Ultimate Chat:

and if someone wants to go above and beyond ill accept recommended configurations o-o

GriefPrevention will handle player self-serve protection, much like WorldGuard did. Border control could be achieved with Project Borders or using the World module in Nucleus. Additional Chest protection is available with Latch.

All of these can be found by searching on these forums, and (with the exception of Project Borders) can be downloaded via Ore. HTH.


AWesome thanks for that ^^ Ill scout those out now and see how they work ^^