Redstone restriction

I need a plug-in to detect high frequency rutile.
Because in my server there was a serious delay due to high frequency rutile.
I don’t want to disable rutile altogether. For example, if the repeater exceeds 3 gears, it will be cleared immediately and reported to the administrator.
So far, Sponge Forum seems to have no complete plug-ins of this kind.
Can someone do some plug-ins?
I like sponges very much, although there are still very few excellent plug-ins in the forum so far.
I’ll also develop some simple sponge plug-ins, but I don’t know where to start for rutile detection.
Sorry, my mother tongue is not English.
I hope you can understand.

‘Rutile’ doesn’t translate correctly - I do not know what you mean. It helps if you post in your native language as well.

“Rutile” im guessing means redstone based on the context its used.