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Hello sponge community.

I am looking for a referral plugin to attract players to my server by rewarding them with certain items after they referred a friend to the server.

How it would work:

Player 1 types /referral then will receive a code that he needs to send to his friend then his friend ‘Player2’ logs in on the server and types /referred and both will receive certain items
Since player 1 is the user who asked for a referral code to send to his friend he’ll receive and player 2 will receive different items that where

Also it would be cool to have stages for like the more the user refers friends the more/better items he will receive

I’ve started on a referral plugin recently, though it’s not quite as you described it. Instead of receiving better rewards the more people you invite, both you and the person you invited would get increasing rewards at certain time intervals the invited person plays for. So for example both players get an initial reward on code redemption, then they would get another at 1 hr played, 3 hrs, etc.

The time periods and the rewards gained would be configurable with separate rewards for the player who created the code and the player who was invited. This system is to encourage the invited player to keep playing for those rewards.

I have quite a few other obligations so it likely won’t be finished soon but I’m hoping that an initial release won’t be too far in the future

:smiley: just make sure you add a function in the config to disable the features like at code, 1hr 2hrs,3hrs and son on :slight_smile: might aswell try it out when you want :smiley:

With the configurable time rewards, you could choose not to add any time reward and it would only reward them on code redemption. I may eventually expand it for a system like you mentioned but I’d like to actually get it working first before thinking of such additions.

:slight_smile: yeh take ur time :smiley: i am not live with the server yet so take ur time ^^ “i’d rather use a functioning plugin then a plugin that works half the time” :stuck_out_tongue:

Would this cause any issues with the EULA though? Or are they only talking about real money in it?

This plugin will have nothing to do with hard currencies; it merely will reward players for inviting their friends to play with them with in game items or soft currencies.

it will just reward players with ingame items from mods or some stuff :slight_smile: it will not give Real money, Maybe a certain ammount of ingame currency idk the items are chosesn trough config,

Also about the EULA, you have permissions to sell items on your donation store as long as there is a way for non donators to get acces to the same items, Refferals gives everyone acces to the same items,

:slight_smile: i used to have a plugin like the one i mentioned in my first post but that was on bukkit :confused: alltough its a good move to use referrals to attract some new players and reward them with items to start off their journey on your server :smiley:

Thank you everyone for your clarifications. :slight_smile:

no problem also use the reply button so we know who you are talking to :slight_smile:

Just wanted to point out that this isn’t true. You’re not allowed to sell any items that affect gameplay at all. If this was true, then it still would be pay-to-win; you would be able to pay real money to circumvent whatever challenge/grind was required. The only things you’re allowed to sell are cosmetics, and noncosmetic items/effects that everyone online gets at once in the same way.

You are allowed to sell Items aslong as the item does not give an advantage over non donators which means you are permitted to sell cosmetics for example (Pixelmon: Shiny Pokemons) since you can get shiny’s in the wild you are free to sell shinys in your store since non donators can find shinys in the wild

This doesn’t really give an advantage over gameplay

If it was for example a sword with Sharpness 5 and you found a way to disable enchanting on your server then you are disallowed to sell The sword with Sharpness 5 since there is no way for regular players to get their hands on that item

So a sword with Sharpness 5 gives donators an advantage over regular players thats why such things are against the EULA

And yet again lets take Pixelmon up with this:

Rare candy’s (leveling item for your pokemon)
You are free to sell these on your donator store since they basically count as cosmetics and since there is a way for non donators to level up their pokemon still if you do events like tournements you can allways put up rules so people who use it cant cheat in such events.

I don’t know Pixelmon, so I don’t know whether the shiny quality is a purely cosmetic effect. But I can tell you that you are mistaken. Cosmetic items can be sold for real money, even if there is no way for non-payers to get them. Items which affect gameplay in literally any way (i.e, non-cosmetics) cannot be sold for real money, even if there is still a way for non-payers to get them. Whether or not it’s possible to obtain them normally is not part of it at all. Even buying something which you would simply have to find normally (e.g. buying a sharpness I sword when you could just enchant one) is still an ‘unfair gameplay advantage’, even if it’s a tiny one. For the full text, check out the Commercial Usage Guidelines, scroll down to Servers and Hosting.

well pixelmon is quiet the same as the normal pokemon games: the difference between shiny and non shiny pokemon are just the textures so the way they look like is just different

As someone who used to run one of the few EULA-compliant Pixelmon servers out there, you’re entirely out of the ball-park with what you’re saying.

Not true, you can sell shiny converters to turn an existing shiny into a shiny Pokémon, but you can’t sell Pokémon in your shop.

I don’t, what? Rare candies are a hard no in cosmetics, they let you level up your Pokémon for crying out loud, how is that not a distinctively clear gameplay advantage? Even if others can still obtain them, simply being able to buy them to save from having to put in many hours of work is a clear example of pay-to-win.

I’ll give you some examples of cosmetics we had: Pokéball changer, changes the Pokéball a Pokémon rests in (Not physical Pokéballs to catch with), size converter to change the growth of a Pokémon, Pokémon colored name which allows you to color the display name of your Pokémon.

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Any update on a plugin like this? i really need it :confused:

I’m still going to work on it, I’ve just been busy with quite a few other projects so I’ve not had much time for this.

ok :confused: while i am waiting for that i gotta solve a issue with votifier 2 :confused: