Referrals - Let your users refer other players to your server, and get rewards for doing so!


Hey Larcek,

I actually implemented the first one of your requests in a recent change, but its not uploaded as a new version yet. You can see the changes to the config here:

You can also build from source using the Data-Rework branch, just make sure to back up your config and make the appropriate changes to the new one when you update.

I plan to get this uploaded once I have more time to make sure its working 100% as I want it to, although I don’t think there are any issues with the current build, and its likely ready to be uploaded.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: I will definitely look to add other requirements for referrals in the future.


How can we change the messages from the plugin? (Translate it)


How can we change the messages from the plugin? (Translate it)


Hey D3stiny,

At the moment, the plugin is written without configurable messages. If I ever get time to go back and start updating this plugin, it is within the realm of possibility, but for now I do not plan to update the plugin and add this feature.

I am more than happy to review any PRs on the plugin and pull in changes that add that functionality, but I do not have time right now to do it myself.


Any updates on when the milestones will be implemented?



Hey, TheGamingRealms, I have this feature implemented in a feature branch that I just haven’t merged and built yet. If you want to build from source you can build off of this branch here: As always, take a back up of your config before making any updates. This update should generate a new config for you.

If I find some time this coming weekend I may be able to get that release out. I’ve stopped playing Minecraft so I haven’t updated this plugin in a while, but I will see if I can get it done for you.


Okay thank you so much!


how to set reward give mega ring of pixelmon.


Hello, atm it seems a player can refer each other, allowing both to get both rewards. Is it possible to make it so once a player was referred, they cant refer their referree?

ie. Steave uses /referral thank Bob. Bob can also use /referral thank Steve. Please make it so Bob cannot do that


A new version has been released for Referrals, it is available for download here.




  • Updated how data is saved to and pulled from the database
  • Updated config file to allow more configuration options
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to refer one another
  • Fixed an issue with /referrals top not sorting correctly


A new version has been released for Referrals, it is available for download here.

Small Update 1.15.1

Moved database save message to debug instead of normal logging.

Thanks Brycey92!