ReferredByMe Rebooted - Official Thread

I am porting someone else’s abandoned plugin, ReferredByMe. You can discuss it here.

NEW GitHub Repo GitHub - sam4215/ReferredByMe-Rebooted: Sponge Port of Laxynd/.ReferredByMe
ReferredByMe is a plugin that allows users to refer other users to the server, letting them get rewards in return, and you to get more players to join your server. This plugin is still early in development, and so if you find any bugs, please let me know so I can fix them as soon as possible. Feel free to make suggestions too.
Commands and Permissions;

Usage - description - permission
/refer - Says who referred them to the server - ReferredByMe.refer
/referinfo [player] - Gets information on the player. Who referred them, and how many people they have referred. -
/referversion - Checks information on the version you are using - ReferredByMe.version
/referreload - Reloads the config file - ReferredByMe.reload
/referleader - Checks which player has the most referrals - ReferredByMe.leader
/referrank - Checks which player has the most referrals - ReferredByMe.leader
/referconfig - Edits the config in-game - ReferredByMe.config
/referclaim - Claims unclaimed rewards - ReferredByMe.claim
ReferRank LeaderBoard Signs

You can now create leaderboards from signs. Just type;

This will produce a sign that says

Signs update whenever you right-click them.

Stops players from referring themselves
Doesn’t allow players to use the /refer command, if someone else has claimed they were referred by this user. This is to prevent people from doing a “I refer you and you refer me” sort of thing.
Doesn’t allow users to say they have been referred by someone, if they claimed they have already been referred by another user.
Customizable messages
Customizable Rewards. After a certain amount of referrals, or every time a user refers a certain number of players. You may use as many tiers as you wish.
Stops players from referring users that have the same IP. This is to prevent users from referring themselves with alternate accounts.

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That’s cool ! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope it turns out great.

Maybe link to original and add a description so we have an idea on what it does. As far as we know, it summons Herobrine…

@Gamecube762 Done.

Question: Wouldnt this be ‘ReferredByMe Reloaded Reloaded’
Someone did already Reload the original and im assuming your Reloading that one…

I’ll call it rebooted @Latouth

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Glad to see one of the referring plugins being ported over. I’m not sure if ill port over the original “ReferGift” plugin.

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Personally I use RBM, so when I saw it was being rebooted/ported I was happy.

Update: with API 1.0 being released you can expect an Alpha version before 2015.

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Hi guys, a quick update on development:

  1. I’d like to tag @Latouth on this. He should be interested.
  2. I have other projects going on right now, namely Foundation (Modularized server commands and API) and InstaTnT (Guess…) That being said, I’d like to have a semi-functional port ready by January 10.


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Noice. Looking forward.

Some days, I just want to cry. These are some of the broken methods I have to fix.

'tis screaming for a rewrite xD

@TBotV63 Heack yeah xD
Also, GH repo: GitHub - sam4215/ReferredByMe-Rebooted: Sponge Port of Laxynd/.ReferredByMe (.git)

Development update!
Live from somewhere on the internet, I give you… ButterDev!
SpongeAPI does not yet have the following necessary for development:

  • BlockPlaceEvent block type getter
  • CommandCallable documentation
    For those reasons, I will continue the long porting process but functionality of RBM-R will not occur until the API updates.

Be sure to hit “Watching” at the bottom to keep updated!

~ @ButterDev