Refillable chests

Hey, i already posted this a few months ago but since sponge is updated i was wondering if there is a plugin like this:

Hey, im looking for a plugin for something like automatic refilable chests, so when a player finds a chest and get the stuff out of it the chest will be refilled after, also the player can’t open the chest anymore after it, or the player won’t see the stuff in the chest when they open it.

Probably won’t be possible until the Inventory API is implemented (at least for chests).

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Well, it’s really only unimplemented for creating custom inventories. Inventories that already exist can still be manipulated.

I don’t really understand, what do u mean by inventories that already excist?

If an inventory already exists, like the inventory you’d get from opening an already existing chest, then you can modify it to your heart’s content. But if you need to create a custom inventory, like a five-line chest inventory you’d use for a menu, you’ll need to wait for the full implementation. You can get inventories, you can modify inventories, but you can’t create inventories.

Ohh thanx i understand it now, do u know how to make a automatic refillable chest when it is just a normal inventory and not a menu?

You can save what items are in the chest in memory, maybe even save it to a file if necessary, then once they close the chest, set them back.