Regular Money plugin?

Isnt there a plugin where you can use /money give ?

i currently use TotalEconomy-v1.5.1 and PayDay-0.5 but it seems like the user will receive every Xmins Xhours etc a payout off 20$ i don’t want the user being flooded with money for doing nothing so what about a regular /money give or /money pay command? is there a plugin that got any off those?strong text

i have disabled everything and i still keep getting the 20$ even tough i disabled it i even checked the plugin respository for info about it :confused: i’l re-check in a couple of hours coz i’m currently doing something else on a different game even tough ty for the reply ^^

In the jobs config you can disable the salary for individual jobs and if you don’t want salaries at all, you can disable it completely in the main configuration file. Also, in order for any configuration changes to take affect you need to restart the server. If you did disable these and restarted the server and the issue still persists, then post an issue on Total Economy’s GitHub page and include both the jobs configuration file and the main configuration file. Here is the link to create a new issue:

i’l test it again as soon as i can =)