Simple idea for survival I guess. When someone dies, they respawn as a mob. As they do certain tasks, they can “evolve” into other mobs. Eventually, the player could evolve back into a human.

I guess the idea is that you’d have to earn your humanity when you die.

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Sound like a great idea ! This could totally change the style of a server


sounds more like a server concept to me.


You died.
You will respawn as a rabbit.
Eat 20 carrots to evolve into a sheep.
You're now a sheep, let someone shear you 5 times
You evolved into a human, have fun playing.



Yes. Imagine the difficulty of being a sheep though. You’d get killed and have to devolve so often

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Evolve, survival like never before

Yeah, got the idea from the evolve minigame on mineplex. thought it could be ccool as a survival concept

If you could compile a list of “tasks” for each mob evolution, I could work on this for you.

I will totes make a list of all the mobs I can think of and send it to you

I like this idea!I think it will be a bright spot on the server.:grinning::+1:

I know right? I wish this was a plugin

Currently working on two minigame plugins and once i finish those, i could continue development on this one.

I wish I could help you

Ha i like this idea, :wink:

thank you. I think it would be a good idea for a survival server