Release and client mods

I have been reading about sponge for a while now and I have 2 main questions really:
When will sponge be released for the public use for server owners?
I remember a long times ago I think 2-3 Minecon’s ago the Minecraft developers mentioned working with bukkit and adding a feature that allows the client to download the server mods instead of manually doing so. I don’t mean fully fleshes out mods just mainly like custom skins for custom mobs with different dimensions and angles like the zombie hulk. Will that be a feature of sponge?

I think it will be possible to add custom blocks with Sponge, using ressource packs. I don’t know if this feature will be available in the first release.

The thing is if we use resource blocks it’s just a re textured block and that is just a normal feature that bukkit use to have, server resource packs, but I mean and actual custom block.

I might be misunderstanding your question, but Sponge is a Forge mod, and you can run other mods on a server alongside Sponge.

It will be released in: UNKNOWN

You may benefit from reading the FAQ.


Yes but that requires manual installation, what I mean is that it automatically downloads them on joining of the server.

Forge 1.8 doesn’t require client-side mods, if I’m correct.

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No, it is not just a retextured block. The server sends a custom block Id, e.g. “mymod:uranium_ore”. If the ressourcepack was not installed, the client would display a “missing texture” texture.

this has been discussed numerous times over previously.
Spnoge will not support automagically downloading mods to the client on its own; the potential security issues and threats outweigh the benefits.

When it’s done.

Not going to happen. However, the client API discussion may be of interest