[Release] VirtualTool


Is there any news on this update? Players have items in their backpacks but can’t access since we are on API 7


Yah soon dont worry but once i do it will be 7.1.0 fyi


Update to 1.12.2
Lowset Recommended forge version: 1.12.2-
Lowset Recommended spongeforge: 1.12.2-2611-7.1.0-BETA-2911


If you put an item inside the backpack then reopen the item dissapears

Happens on API 7


Is there any error? and what version of spongeforge you are using?



No errors


Will release a fix in a day or two I am checking the problem as I am typing :slight_smile:


well check out the new release must be fine i tested that my self so let me know if you got any errors


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