Removing level cap of anvils

So I’m looking into the creation of a server for me and my friends. I think it will use SpongeForge, since I have some interesting Forge mods, and want something similar to Towny (which doesn’t have a Forge version, but does have a Sponge alternative, named Polis).

There’s just one thing, I want to remove the level cap on anvils. I don’t care about people making OP tools. It will mostly be limited anyway just by the insane XP cost, and I don’t need any artificial limitations. I’ve been trying to get Better Anvils to work, despite knowing that its last version was for 1.7.10, but as was probably expected, it won’t take. I still get “too expensive!” messages.

TL;DR: Is there a way to remove the level cap on anvils, and if not, could someone create such a plugin?