[Request] Advanced Chunkloader

A plugin to create chunkloaders serverside, via commands. Features I thought:

  • /chunkload . This will set the zone loaded, example: /chunkload 3 will load chunks in a 3x3 chunks area surrounding the player (please, permissions to configure how many chunks a player can protect)
  • /chunkload list. This will list all the chunks loaded and the player who ran the command (maybe clickable tp?)
  • /chunkload remove (probably “all” is also useful). Remove a chunk from the load list (maybe if x and z parameters are not defined, remove the chunk you’re standing at)
  • /chunkload view. Displays chunks loaded marked with glowstone (like GP claims).

Paging @TrenTech, just because I love his work and want him to look at this.


I would love something like this too.

A block placed iron/diamond

basically a port of https://github.com/KaiKikuchi/BetterChunkLoader would be nicest :slight_smile:

@Rob5Underscores made one which i changed some stuff in which might be helpfull for you

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Is there a release page?
I don’t have any git or anything really to compile the source installed on my pc :\

The BCL forge can be found here: http://ci.communitybuilt.net/job/BCLForgeLib/
The BetterChunkLoader can be found here Release BCL 3.0 · KasperFranz/BetterChunkLoader · GitHub

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Yay! I’ve been waiting a few hours hoping you would respond! What a coincidence that @VinceOrlando posted today!

What kind of database types are supported?
The latest BCLForge and the latest BetterChunkLoader should work together, correct?
I have installed the latest of both and it doesnt seem to work ingame, thinking it might be because of the database being set to MySQL and i don’t have that set up.
Using SpongeForge for 1.10.2

yes it requires MySQL - your console should have said so :)?