Resource pack build system


I would like to show you kind of resource pack compiler / assembler I’ve made for my minecraft project!

We use it in our project, where we store resource pack on git, and server automatically rebuilds resource pack zip that is used as server resource pack.

Github repo: GitHub - dobrakmato/rpbuild: Build system for Minecraft resource packs.

By running one jar file on configuration it automatically pulls stuff from github, optimizes jsons (by removing whitespace) and creates zip archive.

More information about how build process works can be found at github repo readme. If you have any thoughts or improvements, plase leave them here :smile:. Maybe this thing will help someone.

I’m sorry for my english, It’s not my first language.


This seems very useful. Thumbs up!

Very nice :smiley:

Interesting idea! This will likely be very useful in the future .

Cool. Maybe do something with substitution?

Thank you all! @WetSponge, what do You mean by something with substitution?

Nice and useful idea, I like it. However it would be even nicer if this where a Gradle plugin so it could be integrated in an existing build logic (for Forge mods, for example).

Like in localization you can put {{name}} and set that in the config.

@WetSponge I can’t see any use cases for that. Do you mean something with custom translations in resource packs? Or could you please provide some example of use?

I’ve added maven plugin, gradle plugin is coming soon. I also fixed some things and improved readme, what can be found here: rpbuild/ at master · dobrakmato/rpbuild · GitHub