Respect - Simple plugin to show respect of players

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Respect is a simple plugin that allows you to mark other players as positive or negative players, allowing others to know to be weary or friendly.



/respect rate <player> <+/-> <Why>

This marks another player with respect. This also allows you to update your respect for this player too.


/respect view [Player]

View the comments and respect points for a specific player


/respect remove <player>

Removes a comment of someone elses made towards you.

Planned features

  • [ ] Scoreboards
  • [ ] Ability to act as someone else with commands (aka remove a comment made towards someone else)

A new version has been released for Respect, it is available for download here.

First release

I really like the plugin with some time you should be able to customize the color coding formats, etc. there’s still an issue when I /rep someone. when a player /rep’s someone I want all the data to show up on there profile so anyone can see the comments.

You can view all the data of another player? Just by typing /rep view [player]

yes. but the comments do not show

Strange. They showed in testing. There is no check for just the comments. The only check on that command is the permission itself.

Do the points show?

from what I tested, when I /rep my self, the comments I put towards other players are the ones that show.

Ok. Ill check out that issue

Was wondering if you could continue this plugin?

Its only been a few months. I do have planned features