Running "gradle setupDecompWorkspace --refresh-dependencies"

While running “gradle setupDecompWorkspace --refresh-dependencies”,
Anyone knows what’s causing this?

I remember reading somewhere that you need to run the gradle.bat on windows

Edit :

Note: If you do not have Gradle installed then use ./gradlew for Unix systems or Git Bash and gradlew.bat for Windows systems in place of any ‘gradle’ command.

In order to build Sponge you simply need to run the gradle command. You can find the compiled JAR file in ./build/libs labeled similarly to ‘sponge-x.x.x-SNAPSHOT.jar’.[/quote]
so I guess the bat is only if you DON’T have gradle, sorry

He did run the bat though

Network connection problem, could have been your internet connection or was down.
Try again, seems like a temporary issue