Running sponge server for testing

Does anyone run a spongepowered snapshot server already?

I think it would be interesting for testing stability. One possibility would be, to record all crashes of the server automatically and somehow analyse that data, to see, how stable a snapshot is. Just thoughts… What do you guys think?

I believe sponge has it’s own built in tests that run upon compiling that they use. although a full time test server where people can find bugs doesn’t sound like a half bad idea.

Yea. I mean like an integration test, which is done in many software development strategies at the near end of the development phase.

That would be kinda cool. I know @FerusGrim has a plugin testing server.

I do have a plugin testing server. However, it’s unavailable to the public, until I have somebody actually approach me about wanting to test their plugins. Otherwise, it’s kind of pointless. :stuck_out_tongue:

approaches ferusgrim

Oh, hello. :smile:

Maybe, i’ll setup one this evening. (For vanilla testing)

Actually settings sponge up is pretty easy.

java -jar spongedev.jar install
java -jar spongedev.jar run 
#I think these commands should be combined...

! :stuck_out_tongue: !

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Feel free to play/test whenever you want :wink:
Also, I’ll add some plugins in the future.

java -jar sponge.jar go