ScraM: Drag-and-drop Modding for Minecraft

ScraM lets you make modlets, minigames, and stories using drag-and-drop programming.

ScraM has just had its biggest release yet! New in this release:

  • Minecraft 1.11.2 support
  • Named locations
  • Potion effects
  • Minigame stats and scores
  • Modlet dashboard with Java view
  • …and much, much, more!

Watch videos here:

Join the Minecraft server

Download the designer at:

-The ScraM Team


woah. just WOAH.

ScraM: The Maps Release


Announcing the ScraM Maps Release! ScraM now lets you save and load your maps in-game. Create and save your own maps, or pick from the library of maps already available.

With the Maps Release, you can back up your world and come back to it later. No need to worry about TNT Lobbers destroying your perfect map – just save the map before playing, and load before playing the next round.

The library of maps includes a TNT cannon battle map (name: scram.desert-tnt-wars), a survival arena (name: scram.knights-and-bosses, and a superflat starter world (name: scram.flat).

Using maps is easy:

  • To save a map in chat: .map save map-name-goes-here
  • To load a map in chat: .map load map-name-goes-here

To save a backup of your map under the name ‘backup’:
.map save backup

To load the map later (replacing the map in your world):
.map load backup


Learn more at the ScraM website:
Or watch videos:

-The ScraM Team