Section for plugin submissions

I have been reading the forums and they are peppered with a jumble of discussion and plugin submissions, as well as random polls and other stuff.

It is hard to see stuff, so I think that all these plugin ideas/submissions should have their own page, just like on bukkit and spigot. They would be catagorized by function, and would be divided into two sub pages:


Sponge mods would go under mods and plugins under plugins. I think this would clear up plugins and the forums for the better.


This won’t be useful anyway until Sponge is actually runnable.

Never Hurts to plan ahead.

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Well, I guess this topic is kind of dead.

And wow, if someone flags me on my own topic…

I am going to attempt to make some order in this sea of chaos with this Google Sheet. Feel free to edit and contribute.

Don’t do it until it’s needed. Having a useless section will just cause more problems.

Uh, Forums are being littered with plugin ideas all over the place. It is a mess. We do need this, it will put an end to this chaos of spam.

I’ve been working on this for the past week or two. Basically a full site implementation, plugins, downloads, everything. It’s not closed to finished, and was a proof-of-concept in the first place, but apparently I have to much fun with web-dev…

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