Separate World Items [Official Thread]

This is the Official Thread for SWI!

Hello sponge community!
I’m the lead developer for Separate World Items.

This plugin is in heavy development the source code will be posted on bitbucket after the official release.

features are.
Seperates all armor contents, ender chest, potion effects, health, hunger, and experience.

  • Per World Inventories
  • Converter
  • Update Checker
  • works with sponge, bukkit and spigot 1.8!

You can read more about it on the original post on spigot.


  • You may be asking what is SWI - Separate World Items?
    SWI is a plugin vary much like multiverse-inventories allowing you to have per world inventories for your worlds. The one great thing about this plugin that it supports uuids and is supported by 1.8 server’s.

  • Why haven’t i heard of SWI?
    SWI is a vary small project on the spigot fourms it only has about 800+ downloads.

Bitbucket where the source code will be for people to contribute to.

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Curious: Why is this not on github? Its java so your source code is always avaliable

I guess it’s more personal preference on what site you wish to go with, like for me and my team, we use gitlab over github (mainly so we don’t have to pay for private repos if we need them and aren’t limited to 5 people like on bitbucket).

For @VoxelSource he probably just prefers bitbucket to github.

Yes this is more of a preference @disconsented where i like to store my code also it’s because you can have free private repository!

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Does the plugin also support world UUIDs?

If you want to support them, this issue might be relevant: World Config · Issue #436 · SpongePowered/SpongeAPI · GitHub

Yes SWI does support UUIDs.
Also thanks for that link seems that thay are going to implement it.

Just a small update I have a working version of SWI for sponge also i’m going to start implementing SQL support and a data converter from bukkit to sponge.