Serializing UnsafeData from JSON from String (argument)

Pretty basic question really, i want to make a plugin that pretty much perfectly mimics minecrafts /give commands, but adds permission nodes for nbt and giving to others.

I am using google GSON to serializing the last group of the argument (not how it’s done, but subjectively it’s an improvement to not have accidental spaces make the command invalid) and i have gotten it to work mostly, except for stuff that is a boolean or integer, has a b appended to the end, it is expressed as 1b, or so. now, i could just ommit the b and it would work, but i wanted commands that would work in vanilla to work for this aswell

I was thinking of using a regex pattern like “^(/d+)b$” and omitting the data using a recursive function (I actually already wrote one that works well before discovering, Oof)

Is there any better ways of doing this, though? like, can i just straight up turn the string to nbt, or am i parsing it wrongly which is why the b’s remain?

If you’re wanting complete compatibility with vanilla JSON format then it’s probably best to use the server internals and call net.minecraft.nbt.JsonToNBT.getTagFromJson() directly.
It’s obviously not ideal having to use internals so I think a case can be made to add DataFormats.MOJANGSON or something.

Edit: looks like an issue is open for a string/nbt conversion:

I mean, mojangson is pretty much json with some sort of type security on the numbers, no?
More so asking because i am extremely new to java, though i have done some short amount of C# before, just enough to be able to learn my way into making sponge plugins. Just making sure i am not missing something incredibly obvious, haha.

Yeah managed to get it all working, just made a json using google GSON then recursively iterated through the nodes and pattern matched any non-json-objects to turn them into their correct typed. works wonders. only issue, was i had problems with the arrays however i don’t need them. Turned out to not actually require many lines of code either, less then 50 lines anyway.