Server 1.8?


First and foremost thank you to the team for spongepowered taking over the project api.

I bukkit version 1.7.10 on my server I want to switch to 1.8 with the possibility of bukkit plugin?.

I look at the articles and posts but I can not find how to create a Linux server with the sponge api?.

A French part on the community forum?.

sorry for the French to English translations.
Thank you in advance.

Hello, currently the sponge Implementation (the part the runs the API) is not finished yet. If you are looking for 1.8 with bukkit plugins before sponge is out, you can always check out

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Its Sponge Implementation btw.

Thank you for answering a date scheduled for a beta?.

Not currently, providing a date rushes the coder, witch means mistakes will be made causing problems. The general time frame I’d say is late february early march. But there’s no gurentee on it.

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The Sponge teams are still working on the Forge implementation, it isn’t ready for release yet. However, the Granite team have implemented the Sponge API too and they have an alpha release (I tried it last night, it works).
The main drawback is that there aren’t any Sponge Plugins to use yet, as far as I know…


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