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I’m on a mac and recently I have decided to make a modded plugins server. Obviously I went to sponge and everything works except for one thing. Whenever I try to launch my server, it launches and my friends and I can all play on it, but the console doesn’t show up. I can’t directly see the console nor can I type in it. This is a problem for me because 1. It’s just really annoying because I like using my console and 2. It makes using PermissionsEx much harder. The only mod I am running is pixelmon and I’m running it on 1.10.2. The plugins I’m using are like I said permissionsEx and essentialcmds. Everything is the correct version because the plugins actually work but I just want to find a way to access my console while running the plugins. The console does show up however when I’m not using the plugins and I’m only using the mods.

Sponge disables the default Minecraft server GUI due to performance issues. You can still use the terminal you launched the server from for commands and everything you would do in the default MC server console.

So I would have to launch my server using the terminal app in mac and completely disregard the old GUI? Or would I have to switch from launching the server with the forge universal to launching it with a batch command?

Yes. You can read more about that here.

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Oh, alright thank you so much!

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