Server Crash After full startup

Currently using SpongeForge Version 3002

Within seconds of a full server startup my server begins throwing sponge exceptions like below

No entity type is registered for class net.minecraftforge.common.util.FakePlayer
Exception occurred during a PhaseState

I have tried a couple different version of sponge to no avail. The full error is below in a pastebin to save from reading a giant block of text here.

The issue started last night after a routine server restart.

Pastebin of the error

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So AE2 is a coremod, and breaks a lot of things to start. I’m pretty sure it is incompatible with Sponge.

If you can please post your entire latest.log, I can tell you for sure.

The pastebin is below

Thanks very much for your help

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property PropertyEnum{name=state, clazz=class appeng.block.networking.BlockController$ControllerBlockState, values=[offline, online, conflicted]} as it does not exist in ExtendedBlockState{block=appliedenergistics2:light_detector, properties=[facing, odd]}
    at net.minecraft.block.state.BlockStateContainer$StateImplementation.func_177229_b( ~[awu$a.class:?]
    at appeng.tile.networking.TileController.updateMeta( ~[TileController.class:?]
    at appeng.tile.networking.TileController.onPowerChange( ~[TileController.class:?]

It deffinitly seems like the main crash is cause by Applied Energistics.

ae2 no longer has a coremod on 1.12

I have had issues with AE2 in the past and have used a fork found here. I am not sure if it will fix your specific problem, but try looking for other forks, as they have helped me in the past when AE2 is being a butt.

that fork is worse than the original and still uses a core mod…

to address OP’s issue, make sure you have disabled deny-chunk-requests, as it lead to similar issues for me and a lot of others, see

I believe this option is false by default now as it was already set to that. Any idea’s what i can do to get around this issue