Server crash: Duplicate Id


Hello there!

So… My problem is simple:
Server crashes with sponge: Duplicate Id

I tried deleting many, many, many mods, however, without these mods, modpack isn’t modpack…
So… It happens just with sponge installed. With forge only, it’s okay.
I don’t know what is causing this, because it ONLY prints sponge-related errors and does not leave any traceback to any mod causing this… It’s really, really weird.

Thanks for feedback!


From what it looks like, the way sponge is generating new chunks, its just finding that there are duplicated items, typically caused by another mod.

Do you have a log of your server booting? If so can we see it? If not can you create one? It will give me a better idea what sponge version your using as well as the plugins and mods your using. it will also capture any broken ids from mods.


Here it is:

Thanks for your assistance!


Wow thats a lot of overriding ids, crashing and errors.

Im not 100% sure (im more like 5%) but I dont think Sponge expected mods to override the default minecraft items. Im not a forge guy myself, just a plugin developer for vanilla, so like i said, no real idea.


Yeah, so… I uploaded very latest version of sponge and problem seems to be just gone… I will see if it happens and report back… (I used “Forge 23” latest builds)